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YTT PROGRAM Youth Ignite Change

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen youth and youth groups in the Matobo district, to meaningfully participate in the development, advocate and influence local and national government decision-making processes and actions, towards the fulfillment of youth rights. To strengthen youth in youth-led accountability and evidence-based lobby and advocacy to meaningfully participate in local governance processes.


THE challenge

There is a lack of meaningful participation by marginalized groups particularly the youth in governance and development processes yet the youth constitute 75% of the Zimbabwean population. Youth often lack the confidence, skills, and support needed to actively participate in local development and governance issues. at improving their soft skills. The limited support and capacity of youths translate to their limited influence and input decision-making at all levels.

THE intevention

The project initiatives promote and encourage active youth participation in development and governance processes, young people are empowered to play a vital role in their own development as well as in that of their communities. In order for the youth to actively and effectively participate, the project ensures that young people were first given the proper soft skills in advocacy and policy dialogue and appropriate tools, such as information, education about and access to their civil rights, the constitution of Zimbabwe, Youth Policy, Advocacy, and lobbying.

THE impact

The trained and empowered youth also called the CHANGE IGNITIZERS, have been and still are raising awareness and further strengthening the capacities of other youth in their communities and beyond by educating them on the importance of youth participation in local communities so as to influence positive social, economic, political and development progressions. The Change Ignitizers lobbying and advocate for the inclusion of youth priority issues within their district budgeting processes that include the Matobo RDC budget processes, Strategic planning, the Constituency Development Fund, the District Devolution fund among others.
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