When should one start indulging in sexual activities?

This topic is debatable because there are many factors!


This topic is debatable because there are many factors that determine one’s decision on when to start having sexual intercourse.  Some will look at it from a cultural, religious or personal perspective yet some will consider what they think is morally correct for them.

In most cultures, for example in the African Culture, it is culturally inappropriate for children under the age of 21 to be engaged in sexual activities. This is because they are still viewed   as minors by the society they live in.  According to certain cultures, minors should not be exposed to any sexual content unless it is educational.

The law is one of the many factors that influence one on when to start indulging in sexual activities as in some countries it is specified when one is considered old enough to make a decision as to whether or not to engage in sexual activities. This is called the “Age of consent”. In Zimbabwe, the legal “Age of Consent” is 16. This plays an important role in the country as well as in societal circles as this is the age when a young person is considered able to indulge in sexual activities. Age of consent is one of the first considerations one would make before engaging in sexual activities.

Peer pressure or “peer influence” is one of the most common factors among youths that fuels one`s decision to indulge in sexual activities in a bid “to fit in” often with far reaching unintended consequences.

In the Christian religion, it is considered immoral for one to engage in sexual activities before marriage. In Zimbabwe, it is said that more than 80 of the population are Christians. Engaging in sexual activities is considered immoral but this may differ in other religions. The Christian religious faith plays an important role in shaping decision making on sexual issues among youths.  

 In a study carried out by YTT among young people in Matobo, a large number of youths indicated that they engage in sexual activities due to boredom. The youths find themselves idle, jobless and without any form of entertainment. To relieve the boredom young people turn to the media as a source of entertainment. This however, may also result in direct exposure to sexual related content that make youths to experiment with sex at an inappropriate age. Boredom has thus been wrongly used as an excuse to indulge in sexual activities at an early age.

Is there a specific age when one should start indulging in sexual activities?  This issue is debatable depending on which angle one is looking at, it could be legally, culturally, socially or religiously. It is up to one now to choose what is best for them and make informed choices.

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